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Company History

Incorporated in 1998, Comprehensive Practice Management Services, Inc. (CPM) has been providing expert medical billing and practice management consulting services to medical practices and facilities throughout New England. Our full-service medical billing model allows us to perform all aspects of the medical billing cycle including charge entry, payment posting, denial resolution, accounts receivable follow up and patient balances.  We can also customize these services depending upon each clients’ needs.

From day one our goal has been to assess each client’s requirements individually and customize the services that CPM will provide in order to minimize the impact to the workflow at our client’s location(s).  We recognize that not every practice has the same needs.  One practice may have adopted the latest technologies, others may have chosen to focus efforts in other areas.

In 2008, our company undertook a major overhaul by revamping our billing software technology platforms.  Today our clients utilize several different types of billing software systems:  Intergy by Greenway, eClincialWorks, EPIC and Athena Health.   CPM has many clients that have chosen to utilize an electronic health record (EHR) that is not one of these systems.  In these instances, CPM utilizes the Intergy by Greenway software system to perform the medical billing functionality for these practices.  We also offer Intergy by Greenway to any practices that are interested in implementing practice management software within their facility or office.

In addition to our billing services, we also offer our Intergy by Greenway electronic health record (EHR) software system to clients for an additional low cost monthly fee.  This has allowed our clients to adopt EHR, avoid penalties for not having an EHR available and they have the ability to report quality data to achieve additional financial incentives.  Again, our approach to EHR services has been unique and we employ all of the staffing necessary to implement, customize and train our client’s staff to the software system and our CPM staff members continue to provide support after the client site goes live.  This approach has earned CPM a 100% approval rating from our clients in their satisfaction with their training and ongoing system support.

Our expanded practice management consulting services have all been designed to assist a practice in maximizing revenue and cash flow.  CPM has worked with over 250 providers on providing practice management services to their offices. The average client utilizing the practice management services can save up to 20% on their current overhead expenses and can increase revenue by approximately 10% – 30% per year. CPM’s practice management services are also customized to meet each client’s individual needs.

CPM’s mission has always been to develop long-standing, trusted relationships with providers by providing personalized and superior service.  Each member of CPM’s leadership team have worked within a large variety of physician office’s throughout their careers.  This experience brings a unique benefit to CPM and our clients as we understand the daily administrative challenges each medical office staff member faces.  Understanding these challenges allows us to better customize our services in order to minimize workflow burdens and allows our clients more of an opportunity to concentrate on patient care.